Friday, May 11, 2007

Things I want to do in this lifetime....

"Live as if your were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."
- M K Gandhi
Driving home , leafing through magazines , surfing TV....just a few times you come across, read or see something and go "aah....wish I could do that"

Here's my list of "Gosh....I wanna do that atleast once" things...
Some of them are just stupid things i wish to do , but probably know I can never get myself to do them.

1. Watch the Monaco Grand Prix from the grand stands. - (Sep 2008 - Singapore GP)
2. Win a poker tournament.
3. Win lots of money at Vegas.
4. Go Vegetarian (Yeah Right!)
5. Recieve a standing ovation (someday....someday!)
6. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt.
7. Improve my French.
8. Go to Japan and have sushi.
9. Go for an A R Rahman Concert.
10. Stand as an umpire for a One Day match.
11. Get better at small talk.
12. Visit a wildlife sanctuary somewhere in India and watch a tiger. (June 07, Corbett , here I come !) - (DONE - Ranthambhore ; May 2008)
13. Learn to Bartend and mix the perfect drink. (DONE - ask Sumedh, Veena & Rima ! HA! )
14. Solve a Rubik's Cube .
15. Go bulemic and lose lots of weight.
16. Save someone's life (almost came close to doing it once!)
17. Get drunk and then play cricket.
18. Meet Borat in real life. . . !(Sometimes I meet him in the mirror...Not!) Sorry :(
19. Travel overseas (say Australia (March) or Italy (September)..) with my best friends for over a month on a shoe string budget.
20. Own a Sports Bar .
21. Drive a Ferrari Modena 360.
22. Make a comprehensive family tree and know who is who in my family for once and for all to avoid all those puzzled looks that come on my face when wierd relatives ask me "You know who I am , don't you?" at family weddings.
23. Stay in a posh grand glitzy hotel in London.
24. Own a Foosball table.
25. Have 3 dogs - a labrador , a cockerspaniel and a german shepherd.
26. Visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum , DC. (thanks Kulki!)

27. Visit all 7 continents.
28. Stay in a castle.
29. Stop allowing outside influences to determine the way I think, act, and feel; in whatever little way it does now.
30. Have a movie marathon of my favourite 5 comedy movies with my friends at my place.
31. Have a pair of handcuffs.
32. Be a police Officer for a day.
33. Get better at playing the tabla.
35. Have someone gift me a Nikon D 200. (DONE - atleast half done, I own a Nikon D80)
36. Learn to ride a motorbike . (Yes, I dont know how to ride one !)

The List will see more and more additions as I become more and more crazier.

Current mood : Nostalgic
Current song : Teri Deewani (Kalash Kher - Kailasa)
Thanks , Ashwin Kulkarni - got this idea from your


Suresh said...

Add improve my grammar .. you can't be more crazier ;)

Kidding, nice list..

bhubhu said...

akshay,u have spoken my thoughts loud and clear! i so wanna achieve so many things on your list myself...

Veena said...

Well dude you do get ovations although at those times most people do not have the ability to stand.

Get better at small talk?You?

Don't you want to add bungee jumping and skydiving too?

siddharth said...

i think a few of those we can staisfy 5 movies on the trot thats 1 you can strike off. playing cricket when you are drunk can be done. I will ensure that

random_musings said...

anytime dude!

Nice post!
The Smithsonian's at DC not Ny if I m not mistaken though...u dont want to get to the wrong place, not that you would complain if you landed up in NY "by mistake"..!!

Akshay G N I said...

suresh , my grammar is FINE.
and who are you ? i dont know any suresh.

Anonymous said...

Way too cute :)

PS : increase the font size please. it'l make for easier reading . thanks !

Akshay G N I said...

who is anonymous ???
pwease pweeeaaase tell me...