Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Joy to the World.

Dr. Joy Patankar

(1962 – 2006)

A Surgeon par excellence, an inventive thinker, a meticulous planner, a brilliant orator, an inspiring teacher,a son of the soil, a literature lover, a Master at word play, with an ever growing cache of interesting anecdotes and theories right from Maratha history to Hindu Mythology down to nanotechnology; a gadgetophile with a heart of gold.

It is an honour, Sir, to have learnt from you so much more than what you have taught, to have worked under you; to have worked alongside you and to have been worked upon by you.

The man who let me perform my first independent surgery,
We miss you.

PS: The arm is perfectly fine, Sir, perfectly fine.


Nayonika said...

nice to see this blog.just 1 correction.his birth year is 1963!

Nayonika said...

and also we all miss him too

Russell said...

he did a successful operation of my right foot, thank-you

Anjali said...

My mother's last days were in Joy Hospital in Chembur. This was in 1994. Dr. Joy loved to talk to patients. May his soul RIP.

sanjay said...

the perpect person ,friend guide adviser, teacher, doctor,brillent surgon, above all a perpect inspiration. whatever i am is all because of him.

khan said...

good man